* Minnesota’s Political Contribution Refund Program *

Note: It is possible that this PCR program will not be included in the next state budget. So please get your contributions in now . . . before June 20, 2021.

Under Minnesota law, all residents 18 years or older can contribute to qualified political organizations and once a year apply for and receive a full refund for up to $50 per individual or $100 per couple through the state’s Political Contribution Refund (PCR) program. To apply this towards your support of your all - volunteer SD 58 Republicans, follow these simple steps:


Contribute Fastest and Easiest:

A) Online at our website:

Paypal Link


B) Mail your check made out to: Senate District 58 Republicans to:

Senate District 58 Republicans

9885 Uper 173rd Ct W

Lakeville, MN 55044

(Note: Minnesota law prohibits political committees from accepting contributions from businesses)


After our SD 58 Treasurer receives your contribution, which must be received before June 20, 2021 (see note above), we will promptly mail you an official EP-3 receipt and a MN Department of Revenue refund form.


Complete the refund form (it takes about 2 minutes) and mail it in, along with your EP-3 receipt, to the Minnesota Department of Revenue. The address to mail it is on the form. For refund of a 2021 contribution, you have until April 15, 2022 to mail this in.


The State of Minnesota will mail you a check or initiate a direct deposit fully refunding your qualifying contribution (up to $50/person, $100/couple) in approximately 4-6 weeks.

That is it. . .

Further detail can be found at State of Minnesota Department of Revenue Site: CLICK HERE

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